I'm so appreciative of the great response by reviewers around the world to Bella. This one from Jan Mawdesley at Blue Wolf Reviews (Australia) is one of my favorites.

"Gentle and soothing this latest release from Rick Sparks portrays in delicate tones the emotions and pure beauty of the child, known as Bella at prayer on the cover of the album painted by 19th century artist Roberto Ferruzzi. Who she was is lost deep in history but the purity of her intent is timeless, as is the music that forms Bella

"Melodic and immensely peaceful the title song Bella introduces forty minutes of peace and tranquility with the gentle beauty of ‘vocals’ softly portraying an angelic ambience. The haunting beauty of the flute ushering in the lullaby Twilight Dreams, a rich and immensely soothing piece, perfect for allowing the mind and emotions to drift into timeless space.

"Autumn Rain floats across the keyboard with a delicate precision that is also gentle, unobtrusive but carries the delicate emotion of peaceful rest, once again overlaid with the sound of angelic vocals. 

"Completely different, but still carrying that sense of slumber is the almost medieval sound of Highland Dreams, Pan flute leads in the piece, vocals once again filling in the background before the gentle wash of a more panoramic sound leads in the piano. Enchanting. 

"Two pieces that compliment are Going Home and the Last Goodbye, both written to offer solace to those who have sadly had to say the last goodbye. Gentle, introspective, then light and floating the melody portrays the souls journey as it travels safely to another home. 

"Completing a beautiful work is the tribute to Bella, Her Prayer, with the purity of a child’s prayer captured in delicate melody which brings to memory the words of the traditional and beloved of many child’s prayer, ‘And now I lay me down to sleep’. 

"Words do not do justice to this softly emotional and gentle work which is absolutely perfect to simply take time out to listen, refresh, relax and replenish."

Distributor: Rick Sparks Music 
Released: June 2021 
Artist: Rick Sparks

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