CHRISTMAS NIGHT Album Profile by Rick Sparks 

(Greenville, SC – 10/15/20) - Christmas Night is here! I’m very excited to release this collection of beautiful Christmas carols, especially now.  When I began production on Christmas Night in February 2020, little did I know how the world would soon be changed forever. 

As the months slowly passed and the pandemic worsened, the songs of Christmas Night became a refuge and comfort to my soul. I became convinced that they would do the same for every listener, and

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I have no doubt that the quiet beauty of these lovely songs will help to replenish your spirit at the end of what has been a really tough year. Christmas Night has certainly done that for me. The music of Christmas Night celebrates the spiritual meaning of Christmas while helping to restore some much-needed tranquility in a crazy stressful world.

The songs on Christmas Night feature some of the most beloved traditional Christmas carols, plus…

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(Greenville, SC – 9/14/20) - Christmas Night is coming! I’m very excited to be releasing this collection of beautiful Christmas carols in a few weeks. Here's my backstory to the album and a brief profile of each of the songs.


Christmas NIght was inspired, in part, by a wonderful holiday tradition: the annual BBC broadcast of the King’s College Christmas Eve service in Cambridge, England. Each year, millions around the world listen as the service begins with a choir boy’s single voice singing “Once in…

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I'm so happy to announce the release of Little Flower, the 3rd & final single from my 2019 album, Hushabye.

The song is one of my favorites from Hushabye, a gentle piano theme framed by strings & quiet voices. It was inspired by a vintage photo of a beautiful little girl holding daisies.

"Open and uncluttered - the simple melody is hypnotic." - Kathy Parsons,

Little Flower is available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and a host of other digital outlets. 

You can listen to

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MY LOCKDOWN ALBUM: "Christmas Night"  

To say 2020 has been crazy for all of us is total understatement. I'm thankful to share that I am staying safe at home, with the benefit of having plenty of time to work on our Christmas album project, as well as reformat our website (hope you like it!).

After months of work in my home studio, I am happy to report that Christmas Night is finished! Truth is, working on this project has been a Godsend during the lockdown. When I began production in February 2020, little did I know how the world would soon be…

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My Spotify listeners UP 532%!!! 

Thanks to our new October release, Dreams of Peace: The Very Best of Rick Sparks, our Spotify listeners were up 532% over September's numbers! The gain was due to Spotify's feature, "Release Radar," which spotlights new releases & their artists. 

It's great to see our Spotify listener totals grow so much in one month!


A beautiful letter 

Don't ever discount God's love. He constantly pours it out on us thru amazing acts of kindness & grace. It happened to me last night in a letter I received from a fan who is using the beauty & peace in my recordings to strengthen his faith and replenish his spirit in the midst of cancer. His kind words are such a blessing & encouragement to me - I'm honored to share them with you.


"Hi, Rick, my name is **** ****. I recently heard some of your music on SPA (Sirius radio) and was overwhelmed with the

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Hushabye stays in the top-15 for August! 

Just a quick note that Hushabye is showing staying power in the ZMR Top-100 airplay chart for August (just-released)! We fell only one place from July from #11 to #12, which means that radio & digital outlets worldwide continue to give strong airplay to Hushabye.

Special shout-out to my hard-working media promoter, Randall Davis, for helping Hushabye stay in ZMR's top-15. Our last album, Half Moon Bay, stayed on the charts for 5 months - we're hoping Hushabye does as well.