Greenville, SC (11/3/23) - We're so happy to announce the release of my new Christmas single, Adeste Fideles (O Come, All Ye Faithful)! CLICK TO LISTEN   

Using a combination of piano, strings & angelic voices, I hope my version of this beloved Christmas carol breathes new beauty and reverence into the celebration of Christ's birth. May it bring a bit of much-needed peace and comfort to our troubled world this Christmas.

Adeste Fideles (O Come, All Ye Faithful) is available now for streaming/download from all major services, including Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple/iTunes. It is an advance single release from my forthcoming 2024 album, Angeline.


Greenville, SC (9/15/23) - I'm so happy to announce the release of Sea of Serenity: The Very Best of Rick Sparks, Volume 2 ! It's available now from all major services, including Amazon Music, Apple/iTunes, Spotify and Pandora. CLICK TO LISTEN

Sea of Serenity features 14 of my best songs from the last 5 years and includes 3 new songs: Sea of Serenity, Mother Nature's Son (from The Beatles' White Album) and the classic hymn, Nearer My God to Thee. Replenish your spirit today with the beauty and peace of Sea of Serenity: The Very Best of Rick Sparks, Vol. 2.


Greenville, SC (9/1/23) - We're excited to announce the release of Sea of Serenity, our new single from the forthcoming album, Sea of Serenity: The Very Best of Rick Sparks, Vol. 2 ! CLICK TO LISTEN

With the approach of autumn, Sea of Serenity is my farewell to summer, sand & sea. Featuring the laid-back vibe of slow electric guitar arpeggios combined with quiet voices, flute and strings, Sea of Serenity provides a soothing refuge of tranquility and replenishment. Unwind to the memory of summer nights and ocean breezes with Sea of Serenity.

Sea of Serenity is available now for streaming/download from all major services, including Amazon Music, Apple/iTunes and Spotify. The single is represented to the media by Stacey and Ed Bonk at LAZZ Promotions, (905)470-1230,


Greenville, SC (5/1/23) - ASCAP pianist/composer Rick Sparks has released Nightsong: Love Songs & Lullabies, his 9th studio album since 2014. Rick describes the album's 10 songs as “nocturnal music of beauty and spirituality, intimacy and renewal." Nightsong features 4 new originals and 6 cover songs from iconic artists including Phil Collins, Sting and Paul McCartney. CLICK TO LISTEN

Using mostly neoclassical arrangements, Rick recorded Nightsong in his home studio between January and March 2023. With a runtime of 49 minutes, the album features neoclassical instrumentation (piano, flute, strings, bells) as well as angelic voices and synthesizer pads. The result is a lovely tapestry of inspiring, transcendent music of healing and peace. 

The nocturnal theme of the album was prompted by a verse from Job 35:10 ("God my Maker gives songs in the night.") According to Rick, ”I tried with Nightsong to convey the intimacy of listening to music at night, a feeling both of solitude and spirituality.” 

Reviews of Rick's music include “Timeless… enchanting.” -Blue Wolf Reviews; “Superb… rich and rewarding.” -BT Fasmer, New Age Guide; “Simply great new-age music… immerse yourself in these sounds.” -Buzz Music; “Graceful and stunningly beautiful.” -Kathy Parsons, 

Nightsong: Love Songs & Lullabies is available now for streaming and download from all major online services, with CDs available from Amazon. The album is represented to the media by Stacey and Ed Bonk at LAZZ Promotions, (905)470-1230, More information is available from Rick's music website,

WHAT'LL I DO (2023 single)

Greenville, SC (1/30/23) - In celebration of romantic love this Valentine's Day and every day, we're excited to announce the release of the lullaby single, What'll I Do, available now from all major digital outlets. CLICK TO LISTEN 

Written a hundred years ago by legendary American composer Irving Berlin, What'll I Do laments the loss of true love. It's been a favorite of mine since I first heard it in Robert Redford's 1974 movie, The Great Gatsby

Arranged as a lullaby, What'll I Do is my first single and advance release from the album, Nightsong: Lullabies & Love Songs, coming May 1st. Enjoy!

QUIET PIANO HYMNS (2022 album)

Greenville, SC (9/1/2022) - I'm so happy to announce the release of my very first solo piano album, a special project titled Quiet Piano Hymns. These are some of my favorite classic hymns & gospel songs that I first learned as a boy and have treasured now for over 50 years as a church pianist.

I love contemporary worship music, but it's the great old hymns and gospel songs that I treasure the most. Their melodies and lyrics bear indelible memories for me of God's saints in worship, singing of Christ's love and salvation for all who believe in Him. I hope you enjoy listening to (and singing along with) these sweet songs as much as I enjoyed recording them. CLICK TO LISTEN

SPEAK PEACE (2022 album)

Greenville, SC (6/1/2022) - Pianist/composer Rick Sparks has just released his latest quiet-music album, Speak Peace. CLICK TO LISTEN
Featuring a mix of piano, strings, flute and angelic voices, Speak Peace is Rick’s response to increasing conflict and stress in the world, from the Covid pandemic to the war in Ukraine. According to Rick, “I’m so grateful for the power of music to help replenish our spirits through beauty & peace. That's the aim of Speak Peace.” 
Speak Peace is available for streaming or download from all major digital outlets, with CDs available from Amazon. You can hear (& order) the songs of Speak Peace HEREThe album’s lead single, Prayer for Ukraine, rose to #6 on One World Music Radio’s Top-100 singles chart for April.  All proceeds from the single are being donated to World Vision’s Ukraine relief operation.
Reviews for Speak Peace include: "It speaks to the soul of better times ahead." -Jan Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews; "An album for our times... healing personified." -Keith Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews; "Quietude & peace... let the unwinding begin." -Dyan Garris, Zone Music Reporter; "A beacon of anyone seeking solitude away from the madness." -Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio.
Rick’s desire as an artist is to create music that replenishes the spirit with beauty and peace. His quiet-music albums are heard worldwide on broadcast and online outlets, including SiriusXM Spa, Music Choice Soundscapes, Amazon Music, Apple/iTunes and Spotify. Rick’s music is represented by Ed and Stacey Bonk of 
LAZZ Promotions ( 
Rick Sparks Music:

PRAYER FOR UKRAINE (2022 single)

Greenville, SC (3/15/2022) – Pianist & composer Rick Sparks has released a new instrumental single titled Prayer for Ukraine, from his forthcoming album, Speak Peace. All proceeds from the single will be donated to World Vision’s Ukraine relief operation. CLICK TO LISTEN

In Rick’s words, “Prayer for Ukraine was inspired by the brave people of Ukraine in their courageous defense of freedom. The song offers a somber yet beautiful hope for deliverance from the darkness of war. May it inspire all who hear it to support & pray for Ukraine in her greatest hour of need.” 

The picture on the cover of the single is a closeup of a young Ukrainian bride in her beautiful traditional dress holding flowers. The song begins with a cello solo playing the main theme, followed by variations with strings, angelic voices and piano. 

Click HERE to listen to Prayer for Ukraine. The single is available for download/streaming from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and other major digital outlets. Prayer for Ukraine is the first single from Rick’s 2022 album, Speak Peace

Recent reviews for Rick’s music include “Graceful and stunningly beautiful.” – Kathy Parsons,; “Timeless… enchanting.” – Blue Wolf Reviews, Australia; “Very healing, with wisdom, elegance & innocence.” – Dyan Garris, Zone Music Reporter; “Rich & rewarding.” – BT Fasmer, New Age Music Guide. 

Rick Sparks is an ASCAP pianist/composer based in Greenville, South Carolina. His quiet-music albums are heard worldwide on broadcast and online outlets, including SiriusXM Spa, Music Choice Soundscapes, Amazon Music and Apple/iTunes.

BELLA (2021 album)

(Greenville, SC – 6/1/21) – I am so pleased to announce the release of Bella, my 7th album since 2014. The songs of Bella became an oasis of beauty & peace for me during nearly 5 months of production. May the music of Bella do the same for you. 

CLICK  TO LISTEN Bella is available now for downloads &/or streaming from Amazon, Apple/iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Deezer & all major digital outlets, with CDs available from Amazon.

 "Bella is timeless... enchanting." - Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews (Australia); "A graceful and stunningly beautiful album... one of Rick's best to date." - Kathy Parsons,;  "Musical magic... innocence, charm and kindness." - Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio (Cyprus);  "Very healing... a gentle, angelic call for peace." - Dyan Garris, Zone Music Reporter; "An amazing oasis of peace & beauty - make Bella the soundtrack to your Summer 2021." - Pat Marino, Sunset Cruise Show #533 (June '21), NYC. 

Bella’s cover art by 19th-century Italian artist Robert Ferruzzi is a striking portrait of a little girl in prayer. No one except the artist knows who the girl was, but her beautiful (bella) countenance was my continuing inspiration for the album. In my mind, she could only be “Bella.”  

I am thankful to have found such lovely inspiration for Bella's music. May you find the album reflecting both Bella's beauty and the hope contained in her prayers. 

Bella features 10 piano-based songs of beauty and peace in a tapestry of piano, strings, flute and angelic voices. It includes 7 new originals as well as covers of Paul McCartney's My Valentine, classical composer Anton Dvorak's Going Home, and H. Gregson-Williams' Smiling.

CHRISTMAS NIGHT (2020 album)

"Favorite carols of Christmas in classical settings of quiet beauty"


"A must-have for this season and all those to come." - Dyan Garris, Zone Music Reporter

"A superb holiday and rewarding...inspired...thoroughly enjoyable." -BT Fasmer, New Age Music Guide

Featuring beloved traditional carols in classical settings of quiet beauty, Christmas Night sparkles with neoclassical strings, flute, bells, piano and angelic voices. It is "the perfect companion for fireside dreams in December."

Christmas Night is available at Amazon, Apple iTunes, Deezer, Spotify and a host of other digital outlets.

Click on our CHRISTMAS NIGHT PAGE for song samples & links to digital outlets. THANKS!

Little Flower (2020 single)

Little Flower is the 3rd & final single from Rick's 2019 album, Hushabye.

The song is a gentle piano theme inspired by a vintage photo of a beautiful little girl holding daisies. It features Rick's gentle, lyrical piano, framed by strings & quiet voices.

"Open and uncluttered - the simple melody is hypnotic." - Kathy Parsons,

Little Flower is available at Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, Deezer, Spotify and a host of other digital outlets.

Check out our LITTLE FLOWER PAGE to sample the song & link to digital outlets. THANKS!

Dreams of Peace: The Very Best of Rick Sparks (2019 album)

Dreams of Peace: The Very Best of Rick Sparks on iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify & other leading digital outlets.

Dreams of Peace features Rick's choice of favorite songs from his 5 quiet-music albums since 2014. Dreams of Peace is a transcendent collection of Rick's best songs, over one hour of music designed to replenish your spirit with beauty & peace.