What Child Is This (single)

Rick Sparks

Rick's lovely neoclassical recording of the beloved Christmas carol, "What Child Is This'" (Greensleeves).

I love the traditional music of Christmas, so full of joy, hope & peace as the world celebrates the birth of the Christ child. I'm happy to release the single, What Child Is This, one of my very favorite Christmas hymns. It evokes serenity and a beautiful sense of mystery that, for me, is an integral part of the season. Enjoy this advance release from my 2020 Christmas album, to be released next fall.

Quiet, melodic songs full of hope, faith & peace are what my music is all about. I'm grateful to our friends at SiriusXM for airing music on their Spa & Escape channels from my 6 quiet-music albums since 2014.

You can also hear my music on National Public Radio in the U.S., Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Alexa and dozens of other streaming outlets, including One World Music Radio in Europe, Sleep Radio in New Zealand, Peaceful Radio in the Netherlands and Ràdio Despí in Barcelona, Spain. My songs also air just about every hour on “The Cove,” my quiet-music station on Live365.com.

Please visit my artist website (RickSparksMusic.net) & check out my music news page with updates on my recordings, including chart reports & album reviews. You’ll also find my piano sheet music collection of some of my best songs, professionally transcribed note-for-note as I recorded them.

My main inspiration comes from my faith in Jesus Christ. He is the master musician, the creator of all things bright & beautiful, and the source of peace which fills my life & music through His mercy & grace.

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