Nightfall London Top-Album Pick!


"Nightfall London" is a top album pick (#3) for June at Our Place Radio in Toronto, Ontario! Thanks, OPR!



New review from MainlyPiano


Thanks to Kathy Parsons at for a nice review of Nightfall London. She ends her review by saying that "Nightfall London is a great way to unwind with piano-based music that overflows with hope, faith, and peace. Recommended!"



Nightfall London Review from OWMR!


Special thanks to Steve & Chrissie Sheppard at One World Music Radio in Cyprus for their very excellent (& British) review of Nightfall London

You can read the entire review on my "Reviews" page, but to hear Steve's audio read-through of his charming take on the album, click HERE


"Nightfall London returns me to my new age music roots, but also brings us up-to-date. It captures all that was good back then and releases new energies to the world with a lush sweet production."

"Across the River... has to be one of the prettiest beginning pieces I have heard for ages."

"The title track is amazing and of course called Nightfall London, the opening bars are a real scene setter, swirling back and forth, and creating musical imagery with every note played... a classic moment of new age musical brilliance."

"Beyond the Stars... has a really beautiful flow to its arrangement and really reminds me once again of early new age music, from artists like Terry Oldfield and Stephen Rhodes."

"With Highland Rose, the melody wraps itself around our senses, we can drift off to a place so remote, but blissfully beautiful to behold. This is the skill of a master composer, listen as the orchestration kicks in, it’s subtle, but draws a compelling and graphic narrative."

"On Evening Prayer, listen carefully to the calming and healing manifestation of chords and notes here, it is really exquisite and the addition of the ethereal choir only added to the magnificence of the overall composition."

"The album has been created with love and intention and a delicacy of care and attention. Nightfall London must be ranked as one of the best New Age albums I have heard this year."  -Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio


Nightfall London on the chart!


With only a couple of days of airplay at the end of May, "Nightfall London" entered the May ZMR (Zone Music Reporter) chart at #80! Sharing the chart w. Sheryl Crow & Jethro Tull is pretty cool. 


New review from Wisconsin Bookwatch


The momentum is building! Many thanks to Wisconsin Bookwatch for their review of Nightfall London - it captures the essence of the new album.

"Nightfall London is a beautiful new age album designed to aid relaxation with its tranquil piano music, gently arranged with synthesizer to add layers and depth. Some electronic keyboards and individual string instruments, flutes, chimes, and choirs enrich this restful, revitalizing collection, highly recommended especially when winding down after a long day."

"The tracks are Across the River (5:25), Nightfall London (4:58), Little Angel (3:08), First Love (4:28), Tokyo Rain (4:29), Beyond the Stars (4:03), In the Bleak Midwinter (4:19), Hearts As One (4:29), Highland Rose (4:58) and Evening Prayer (5:28)."


Featured Artist on Sleep Radio!


I found out today that I am the featured artist this week on Sleep Radio, out of New Zealand! Their 24/7 streaming audio channel is a wonderful mix of quiet music designed to lower your blood pressure & raise your quotient of inner peace. Many thanks to Sleep Radio for choosing to feature Nightfall London this week! Check them out at


1st Review for Nightfall London!


Waiting for the first published review of a new album is always a bit nerve-racking, but here it is! The prolific music blog Midwest Record beat other reviewers to the punch with this short but sweet reaction to Nightfall London:

"I've never thought of London as an especially quiet city, particularly since 'En-ga-land swings like a pendulum do,' but a picture of Big Ben at dusk inspired the quiet piano work here."

"A smart mostly solo set that finds Sparks' London much more pastoral than I would, but you can't argue with things that work. Kick-back music perfectly tailored for sonic getaways, this is quite solid restful work for when it's time to stopper down."

"No noodling here, contemporary instrumental fans have a winner here. Check it out." -Midwest Record, 6-2-2017





We grieve with the people of London today. My love for that great city & the U.K. prompted the title & cover photo for Nightfall London. I would hope that the quiet peace in my music might well honor the memories of the victims - we pray for their families & friends.

Good shall yet triumph over evil. May God help us all to defeat the forces of violence & hatred.


SXM airplay continues!


Latest airplay report from SiriusXM! My most-played songs (in order):

1. Matilda's Flowers

2. Beautiful

3. Portree

4. Dream Angus

5. Wonderful, Merciful Savior

6. Be Still My Soul

I'm super grateful to SXM for continuing to play so many of my songs. Nightfall London is under review now & (hopefully) will begin airplay within a few weeks on Spa Ch. 68!


Nightfall London promoted by Creative Service Company!


BIG NEWS! Creative Service Company out of Colorado Springs will be promoting "Nightfall London" this summer to radio worldwide!

CSC has represented many signature artists over the years, including Todd Rundgren, Judy Collins, Jean-Luc Ponty & Michael Martin Murphey. Some of their new-age clients include David Arkenstone, Alex de Grassi, Richard Souther & Jim Chappell.    

Promotion made a huge difference with "Endless" in 2014, 4 months on the ZMR airplay chart, peaking at #7. "Nightfall London" has the potential to do even better, including airplay on SiriusXM Spa channel 68.

Hoping for chart action for "Nightfall" starting in July - will keep you posted!