My Top-10 in Radio Airplay!


SoundExchange just reported my Top-10 songs for worldwide radio & online airplay for March:

1. Dream Angus
2. Portree
3. Beautiful
4. Endless
5. Loch Lomond
6. At Rest
7. Be Still, My Soul
8. Matilda's Flowers
9. Hearts As One
10. In the Bleak Midwinter

Those 10 together would make a pretty good album!


SiriusXM Airplay!


Airplay is a beautiful thing!  So grateful for our friends at SiriusXM who continue to play my music on Spa & Escape channels.


Nightfall London Receives 2017 OWMA Nomination!


I am incredibly honored to have Nightfall London nominated for the OWMA Award for "Best Piano w. Instrumentation Album" of 2017! One World Music Radio has the biggest audience of any online radio channel in Europe. I will always be grateful for their superb support of Nightfall London - many, many thanks!


The Little Album That Could


It’s been four years now since I decided to record my first of a trilogy of quiet-music albums that have truly changed my life. 2014’s Endless was a shot in the dark, my best-effort as an indie artist to find my place in the new-age music world with quiet piano-based songs from the heart, “quiet piano to replenish your spirit.”

After hundreds of hours of arranging, recording & post-production in my little home studio, plus designing album packaging, hiring a radio promoter and launching an artist website & Facebook page, I released Endless in the fall of ‘14 to worldwide radio & digital outlets. My hopes for the album seemed to be vindicated as really wonderful reviews started coming in.

Over 200 broadcast & online radio outlets in the U.S. and worldwide added Endless to their playlists, eventually pushing it to #7 on Zone Music Reporter’s world radio airplay chart. That was enough to earn the album two qualifying ZMR nominations for 2014: album of the year and best piano album with instrumentation. Although I didn’t win, being nominated was a huge thrill. It also encouraged me to stay the course with my future album projects, Matilda’s Flowers (2016) and Nightfall London (2017).

In 2016, SiriusXM Radio added six Endless songs to their Spa & Escape channels. The SXM airplay was a shot in the arm to sales, and the monthly airplay royalties to me as artist & composer were very welcome. 2016 was also significant because I launched my own online quiet-music station. The Cove on plays “music to replenish your spirit,” my music in combination with dozens of other wonderful artists like Chris Botti, Jim Brickman and 2002.

Suffice to say, I’m grateful to God for letting me record Endless & my other albums since then. I know without a doubt that He helped me find a musical genre that truly expresses my heart, lovely quiet music to replenish the spirit of the listener. I do it for them and for Him, my Lord Jesus.

So here’s to the project that started it all back in 2014 and continues to open doors for my music today. I’m so grateful for Endless, the little album that could.


Nightfall London & the Moody Blues!


Deeply honored for reviewer Mark S. Tucker to compare Nightfall London to the early music of the Moody Blues. I've always loved the Moodys - "Nights In White Satin" could be a musical template for the direction my recorded music is taking.

"Sparks... more than once has inserted beautiful synthesizer patches as transcendent as the refrains first crafted by Palestrina, Lassus, and others, later refined into opuses by Harold Budd and, returning to England, the Eno brothers and the early Moody Blues....simply pretty and utterly devastating." -Mark S. Tucker, Veritas Vampirus (7/29/17)


SiriusXM airplay continues!


Latest airplay report from SiriusXM! My most-played songs (in order) on Spa & Escape channels:

1. Matilda's Flowers

2. Beautiful

3. Dream Angus

4. Be Still, My Soul

5. Wonderful, Merciful Savior

6. Portree

I'm super grateful to SXM for continuing to play my music. Nightfall London is under review and hopefully will begin airplay sometime this spring on Spa Ch. 68!


Christmas Peace in 2018


On this special day, may you be blessed with love, joy and peace that comes from faith in the One whose birth we celebrate at Christmas. Christ's peace truly passes all understanding - He inhabits my music & replenishes my spirit every day. I pray that 2018 might be filled with peace around the world & in your heart.


Nightfall re-enters Top-50 OWMR chart in November!


A very nice Christmas surprise from One World Music Radio! After falling to #57 last month, Nightfall London has climbed back 16 places to #41 on OWMR's Top-100 airplay chart!

We're not sure what accounted for the increased airplay in November, but we'll take it! Special thanks to OWMR's Steve & Chrissie Sheppard for their fabulous support of Nightfall London, helping the album gain tremendous airplay in Europe & around the world.

We are tentatively planning a new album release in 2018 - will keep you posted. Some possibilities include a Christmas album, a collection of lullabies & love songs, or another album of night music like Nightfall.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus our Lord this month, may God bless your Christmas & the new year to come with peace, joy & love.


End of year reflections


The end of the year is always a time for reflection. After decades as a pianist, I still marvel at how God pours music through me. I'm humbled by the beauty of the songs He's given me. I'm thankful for the many open doors for my music to appreciative listeners. I will forever be grateful for the gift of song, the marvelous expression of the soul and the beauty of life.

Looking over some reviews of the last 3 years, Michael Diamond's review from 2014 is a favorite. "Endless - an album full of grace, beauty, and spiritual inspiration."


5th month for Nightfall London on ZMR Top-100 chart!


Amazed to report Nightfall London charting for a 5th consecutive month on ZMR's Top-100 Radio Airplay Chart! September's chart shows us at #51, after peaking at #7 in June.

I'm so grateful to radio programmers worldwide for sharing Nightfall with their audiences, and so thankful for the opportunity to compose & record "music to replenish your spirit."