Hushabye debuts at #11 on ZMR!


Happy to report Hushabye debuting at #11 on the (very late) just-released Zone Music Reporter World Top-100 chart for July!

Hushabye's strong debut on the new ZMR chart follows outstanding performance in August on the OWMR chart, climbing 72 places from #80 to #8. Combined with adds this week by SiriusXM's Spa channel, Hushabye is getting great airplay worldwide.





BREAKING NEWS: Some of you know that I've been played on the SPA channel (68) at SiriusXM since 2016, a wonderful blessing for any artist but especially a total unknown just getting started. Today we received word that SPA has added 2 new songs (And She Dreams; Angel Song) from Hushabye, effective immediately!! Big thanks to SPA programmer Lynette White - so glad you like Hushabye! Check out Spa on SXM!


ZMR rates Hushabye EXCELLENT!


Zone Music Reporter has rated Hushabye as EXCELLENT, saying the new album is "absolutely perfect new age music," and "simply beautiful music that will make anyone's day better." Thanks. ZMR! Here's the full review:

RICK SPARKS HAS LULLABIES FOR ALL AGES (review by Gina at Zone Music Reporter, 8-20-19).

"New age music fans have come to love the soft, dreamy music of Rick Sparks and his trademark sound featuring piano, string sections and soft angelic choirs doing wordless vocalizations. It is like jumping into a feather bed with a cumulus cloud as a pillow. Now Sparks is back with a new album of gentle lullabies, absolutely perfect new age music, titled HUSHABYE. This is extremely peaceful, relaxing music.'

"The compositions (nine originals and two covers) can be used to calm children or help them go to sleep, make adults unwind after a long and stressful day, or serve as sounds to assist with meditation, prayer or contemplation. This is simply beautiful music that will make anyone's day better."





BREAKING NEWS: The August OWMR Top-100 chart is out -- after debuting last month at #80, HUSHABYE CLIMBED 72 PLACES TO #8! That's the biggest one-month climb ever for any of my albums in 5 years! 

I'm AMAZED & THANKFUL for Hushabye's fabulous airplay by broadcast & online radio. We're so honored that our radio friends in Europe & around the world love our music. God is good! Kudos to my hard-working media promoter, Randall Davis, at The Creative Service Company in Colorado Springs - highly recommended.

BIG THANKS to Steve & Chrissie Sheppard at One World Music Radio for their marvelous support of my music. OWMR is Europe's #1 radio station for the genres covered, including contemporary instrumental, solo piano, chill and many others.


Hushabye on the charts!


Hushabye is on the charts!

The July 2019 OWMR Top-100 chart released today shows Hushabye debuting at #80. That's amazing, considering the July chart measures airplay in June & Hushabye's promotion didn't begin until the first week in July. The airplay in late June came mainly from Sleep Radio in New Zealand (we were a featured artist of the week) and a very few other stations.

You might notice another new entry on the July chart at #99 is legendary guitarist & producer Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records. I love Will's music & am glad that our albums entered the chart at the same time. Four weeks from now, you may expect to see both Will & myself a wee bit higher on the August chart. :)


Hushabye "beautiful" "moving" "stunning" - OWMR review


I always love receiving reviews after a new album release - here are a few excerpts from Steve Sheppard's important review of Hushabye. You can hear the complete audio review here (I'll post the entire review to my Reviews page), as well as some great features on the album by Steve & his wife Chrissie. I love their British accents. 

"Rick Sparks has sealed an everlasting legacy as a musician who can soothe and calm his listeners with the first few bars of any song he has recorded. His crafted approach is a gift that many just hope to find - it is this genius we discover on this, his latest release, called Hushabye."

"A beautiful moving album."



Hushabye on New Age Stars Radio!


BIG THANKS to BT Fasmer at New Age Stars Radio (Spotify & Live365) for this beautiful profile of Hushabye - and for adding several songs from Hushabye to the NAS playlist! Check it out at


Hushabye a Kathy's Pick album!


So happy to receive the first extended review of Hushabye from Kathy Parsons of Kathy also made my new album a "Kathy's Pick" - THANKS, KATHY!  


We're Sleep Radio's Artist of the Week!


We're excited to announce that I've been named "Artist of the Week" by our friends at Sleep Radio in New Zealand!

Sleep Radio is the only dedicated channel of sleep music 24/7 with no commercials and no announcers. They are featuring songs now & for the next week from my new album Hushabye - check them out!  SLEEP RADIO


HUSHABYE: Sleep tested & approved!


SLEEP TESTED & APPROVED! I'm happy to report that Hushabye's gentle lullabies have already resulted in peacefully sleeping little ones from 8 mos. to 8 years old. 

Special thanks to several of our friends who have tested our new album on their kids & found it works within minutes! I was inspired to record Hushabye as slumber music for little ones, but the beauty & peace of these songs make them more than "just" lullabies.

For sleep, meditation or the perfect antidote to the stress of your day, check out Hushabye, available now for purchase or streaming from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and