Inside Half Moon Bay: liner notes

Inside the "digipak" CD packaging of Half Moon Bay, you'll find liner notes on a beautiful picture of the Folly Beach, SC pier at sunrise. Folly Beach has been one of my favorite places for decades, ever since I was a college student in Charleston in the 70's. When I saw the picture online, I tracked down the photographer & she graciously granted me permission to use it in Half Moon Bay.

My liner notes are simple but heartfelt.

Opposite the liner notes is the actual CD, under which you'll find a picture of me off the coast of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands a few years back. The photographer was Sandie, the event our 25th anniversary. :)  I had no idea back then that one day, that picture would be a great choice for an album called Half Moon Bay.

Now you know what you'll miss if you choose to download the album, vs. getting the CD. :)

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