Half Moon Bay nominated for Album of Year & Best New Age Album!

I received word today that Half Moon Bay has been nominated as Album of the Year AND Best New Age Album in the 2018 One World Music Awards! One of my favorite groups, the iconic 2002, was also nominated in both categories - I'm incredibly honored to be in such company. Award winners will be announced Sunday, June 9th.

I enjoyed every minute of producing Half Moon Bay last summer - the 10 songs represent some of my very best work. The concept for the album was inspired by the musical legacy of the great Brian Wilson - it wouldn't have happened without you, Brian. :)

My special thanks to Steve & Chrissie Sheppard of OWMR for playing & supporting my music. OWMR is Europe's largest online radio station in the genres covered, including contemporary instrumental, neo-classical, ambient, solo piano, acoustic guitar and many others.


Most of all, I'm thankful for the continuing inspiration I receive from the Master Musician, my Lord Jesus - you fill my life with song.

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