Endless still in the Top-10.

The ZMR Top-100 album airplay chart for January has been released - it shows Endless maintaining a high radio profile in the U.S. & Canada at #9, down only two notches from last month's chart. My deepest thanks to our 120+ radio partners (many of which are NPR stations) for playing our music. Latest stations include 90.9 WDCB, Chicago; 88.5 KSBR, Mission Viejo, CA; 90.7 KSER, Everett, WA; 89.7 KMSU, Mancato, MN; 90.5 WICN, Worcester, MA; 98.1 KBAC, Santa Fe; 90.3 WXXI, Rochester, NY. Public radio rocks!

I thought you'd enjoy reading some responses from radio programmers to my thank-you's for playing Endless:

"No problem, Rick - happy to play good music." - Jamey

"Your music is great & we play great music - a lot!" - Michael

"Great album, Rick - best wishes for your continued success." - Val

"Cream rises to the top." - Christopher

"All you have to do is keep up the great music. My regard for your CD is 'endless'." - Pete

"Happy to play your music, Rick! Keep creating!" - Sherry

Not that it wasn't deserving, but I never thought Endless would chart so high on ZMR's album chart. To zoom from #64 in November to #7 in December was an incredible experience for me as an artist. During all those years I spent in radio, I could only imagine what it was like for the artists I played to see their music rise up the charts - now I know.

I would have recorded Endless regardless of whether it received a single spin on radio, but it's wonderful and truly humbling to receive the validation that comes from my music being aired around the world. I'm thankful to God for His inspiration and blessing of this "little album that could."

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