Our Prayer

Finished the 3rd song (of 10) this week on Half Moon Bay. The song is the lovely & ethereal Our Prayer, written by Brian Wilson in 1966 as the first track for the Beach Boys album, Smile (which would go unfinished for decades). Our Prayer was Brian's effort at what he called "holy music." 

In a 1969 interview, Brian said, "I was sitting at my piano thinking about holy music. I poked around for some simple but moving chords. Later I sat down and wrote Our Prayer in sections. The boys were overtaken by the arrangement. I taught it to them in sections, the way I usually do. The purity of the blending of the voices made the listeners feel spiritual. I was definitely into rock church music."


I recorded Our Prayer using the "Nativity" angel voice on my workhorse Yamaha MOX8 keyboard. Because Brian's original (only 1 verse) was so short (1:07), I slowed the tempo, wrote a string intro to the first verse, repeated the verse with a simple string accompaniment, and finished with a string conclusion.

Total length of my recording after mixdown was a heavenly 3:33. Perfect length for a prayer song, but it gets better. I designed the back cover for the CD several weeks before production began - I had arbitrarily listed the song length for Our Prayer as 3:33.

One more "coincidence" - I finished Our Prayer on the National Day of Prayer.