Nightfall London Review from OWMR!

Special thanks to Steve & Chrissie Sheppard at One World Music Radio in Cyprus for their very excellent (& British) review of Nightfall London

You can read the entire review on my "Reviews" page, but to hear Steve's audio read-through of his charming take on the album, click HERE


"Nightfall London returns me to my new age music roots, but also brings us up-to-date. It captures all that was good back then and releases new energies to the world with a lush sweet production."

"Across the River... has to be one of the prettiest beginning pieces I have heard for ages."

"The title track is amazing and of course called Nightfall London, the opening bars are a real scene setter, swirling back and forth, and creating musical imagery with every note played... a classic moment of new age musical brilliance."

"Beyond the Stars... has a really beautiful flow to its arrangement and really reminds me once again of early new age music, from artists like Terry Oldfield and Stephen Rhodes."

"With Highland Rose, the melody wraps itself around our senses, we can drift off to a place so remote, but blissfully beautiful to behold. This is the skill of a master composer, listen as the orchestration kicks in, it’s subtle, but draws a compelling and graphic narrative."

"On Evening Prayer, listen carefully to the calming and healing manifestation of chords and notes here, it is really exquisite and the addition of the ethereal choir only added to the magnificence of the overall composition."

"The album has been created with love and intention and a delicacy of care and attention. Nightfall London must be ranked as one of the best New Age albums I have heard this year."  -Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio