Nightfall London Released 1 Year Ago


It was one year ago, April 2017, that we released Nightfall London, my 3rd quiet-music album in 3 years. Nightfall would garner wonderful reviews, chart for 5 months on world radio playlists, and eventually receive multiple nominations for 2017’s “Best Piano Album w. Instrumentation” by Zone Music Reporter and One World Music Awards.

But a year ago, all that was yet to come. I only knew that the music felt right as, track by track, the album took shape in my little home studio. Nightfall London would be a true test for me as a composer, with nine new original piano-based songs framed by a mix of strings, choral voices & synth work inspired by the nocturnal London theme.

My new friend, Randall Davis at the Creative Service Company in Colorado Springs, did 4 months of stellar work promoting the album to radio worldwide. A favorite personal moment came a few months ago when an old radio friend told me, “You’re all over Spotify, Rick!” It seems that he & his wife like to say, “Alexa- play Rick Sparks” on a daily basis. 

So, thank you, Nightfall London, for making the last 12 months a wonderful year for Rick Sparks Music. It truly is a blessing to do what I do, with inspiration from the Master Musician (that would be God) and the support of so many who love my music. In just a few weeks, I start work on a new album, due for release this fall. I can’t wait!

"It has been created with love and intention and a delicacy of care and attention. One of the best new-age albums I have heard this year - stunning." -Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

“Overflows with hope, faith & peace.” – Kathy Parsons,

"Highly recommended, especially when winding down after a long day." -Wisconsin Bookwatch

"Kick-back music perfectly tailored for sonic getaways, this is quite solid restful work for when it's time to stopper down. Contemporary instrumental fans have a winner here." -Midwest Record

"Clear & resonant piano without needing to overemphasize itself. Beautiful synthesizer patches (reminiscent of) the early Moody Blues....simply pretty and utterly devastating." -Mark S. Tucker, Veritas Vampirus