Nightfall London now available!

Nightfall London is now available! It may be my best album ever, but then again, I feel that way after every album. :) In this case, though, it may be true. I never intended to write 9 of the 10 songs, but as I progressed from song to song, the inspiration just kept coming.

The songs of Nightfall London are filled with a tranquil beauty which is, perhaps, more than the sum of its parts. In particular, the strings and voices combine with the piano melodies to lend a powerful presence to the album which I absolutely love. 

The enduring legacy of Sir George Martin was a constant inspiration to me in my arrangements, especially the string parts. His classical training & stellar musicianship were evident in all he did during his life as a producer & arranger. I admire him tremendously.

In these simple, quiet songs, I hope you might find beauty & peace. A few years back, a wonderful BBC documentary titled Why Beauty Matters made a powerful case that not only do we all have a built-in need for beauty in our lives, but that beauty can replenish the soul. That was certainly the case with a young lad named David, who was regularly summoned to play his harp in the presence of a troubled king. 

May your soul & spirit be replenished with the music of Nightfall London.