New review from Wisconsin Bookwatch

The momentum is building! Many thanks to Wisconsin Bookwatch for their review of Nightfall London - it captures the essence of the new album.

"Nightfall London is a beautiful new age album designed to aid relaxation with its tranquil piano music, gently arranged with synthesizer to add layers and depth. Some electronic keyboards and individual string instruments, flutes, chimes, and choirs enrich this restful, revitalizing collection, highly recommended especially when winding down after a long day."

"The tracks are Across the River (5:25), Nightfall London (4:58), Little Angel (3:08), First Love (4:28), Tokyo Rain (4:29), Beyond the Stars (4:03), In the Bleak Midwinter (4:19), Hearts As One (4:29), Highland Rose (4:58) and Evening Prayer (5:28)."