Half Way There!

By now you know that I'm deep into recording "Half Moon Bay," my new album project. As of today, we've finished song #5 and have now completed half the album!

The new song is "You're So Nice," a quiet piano love song unlike any I've ever recorded. I commonly write (& record) songs in sections, starting with the melody. With only a couple of chords & the beginning of a melody in mind, I decided to try improvising the entire song without stopping. Four minutes later, I stopped recording, listened to the playback and was so glad I had decided to keep playing. I love the result - I hope you'll feel the same when you hear "You're So Nice" in a few months.

At the half way mark of any project, I start to get a feel for the overall sound of an album. With five songs now complete (and a couple of Brian Wilson songs still to record), I couldn't be happier with the direction "Half Moon Bay" is taking. I'm excited & grateful to be recording a worthy followup to "Nightfall London."

Stay tuned for updates! We're on track for release in August.

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