1st Review for Nightfall London!

Waiting for the first published review of a new album is always a bit nerve-racking, but here it is! The prolific music blog Midwest Record beat other reviewers to the punch with this short but sweet reaction to Nightfall London:

"I've never thought of London as an especially quiet city, particularly since 'En-ga-land swings like a pendulum do,' but a picture of Big Ben at dusk inspired the quiet piano work here."

"A smart mostly solo set that finds Sparks' London much more pastoral than I would, but you can't argue with things that work. Kick-back music perfectly tailored for sonic getaways, this is quite solid restful work for when it's time to stopper down."

"No noodling here, contemporary instrumental fans have a winner here. Check it out." -Midwest Record, 6-2-2017