Rick's Piano Sheet Music

Peaceful Piano Solos sheet music is now available for purchase, both as single digital downloads and as a lovely spiral-bound print collection of 10 of my best piano solos!

My piano sheet music is professionally transcribed note-for-note exactly as I played these beautiful songs on my recordings. The songs are available as single sheet music downloads ($4 per song), or as a print collection of all 10 songs for $20, including free shipping. You may pay via the Pal link below.

The songs are very playable; I would grade them as Level 2 (easy) to Level 3 (medium) - you can try the beginning of each song below. To hear what they sound like, just listen to the recordings on the "Music Store" page on this website, or print & play the first page of each song.


1.) Dream Angus is a lovely Scottish lullaby from my 2014 album, Endless. One of my most-played songs on SiriusXM.

2.) Matilda's Flowers is the title song from my 2016 album dedicated to "the 1912 girl named Matilda." It is currently my most requested sheet music & my most-played song on SiriusXM.

3.) Be Still, My Soul, from Endless (2014), is my arrangement of the lovely 19th century hymn, with the 1899 melody by Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. The message of this hymn has never been more needed than today. 

4.) Simple Love, from Matilda's Flowers (2016). A simple, lovely song about something we all need in our lives.

5.) Little Angel, from Nightfall London (2017). Inspired by all the little children who have gone to heaven before their time.

6.) Tokyo Rain, from Nightfall London (2017). Gently falling rain in the world's largest city - peace, tranquility, comfort.

 7.) Tildy's Waltz, from Matilda's Flowers (2016). What I would have written for 18-year-old Matilda (my grandmother) had I been around for her wedding reception back in 1912. :)

8.) Mountain Laurel, from Matilda's Flowers (2016). For the little girl (Matilda) on the album cover as she picked her favorite flowers, including mountain laurel.


9.) Endless, the title song from Endless (2014). My love song to the Creator, Jesus Christ, for the endless nature of the universe He created, as well as the endless nature of His love for us.


10.) Memories of Her, from Matilda's Flowers (2016). So many wonderful memories of the sweet & gentle woman named Matilda - I am blessed to be her grandson.


To purchase sheet music, click on this PayPal link & fill in the total ($4 per sheet music song download or $20 for the print collection): PayPal.Me/RickSparksMusic.  If ordering digital downloads, be sure to specify which song you are ordering. When I receive your payment, I will e-mail you the digital PDF file(s) for the sheet music you have ordered, or mail you the spiral-bound print collection. Sorry, but I am only able to accept PayPal payments.

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Many thanks!  -Rick